Word Autism Awareness Day

Autism is becoming something that many people around the globe are diagnosed with on a daily basis; it affects kids and adults all around the globe. In the past, it used to be the case that those that lived in third world countries or those that lived abroad and didn’t have access to medical facilities that were trained with knowledge about Autism were never diagnosed. Also, in some cultures like the Middle East, it is something that parents do not like to face up to. In society as a whole, it is not seen as being ‘religious’ to think that something wrong could have happened to your child during the development stage.

AutismIt can also be frowned upon to say something is wrong with a child, and to seek help, because when no physical issue is there, it can be seen that the mother is not accepting of what’ God’ gifted to her. Or, of course it is frowned upon to think that a child is ‘special/ or needs help. In many countries special needs carers and school facilities are few and far between. That is why in 2007 in Qatar, the United Nations declared that the 2nd of April would become world autism awareness day. The campaign was supported by the royal family of Qatar and all the countries that are members of the United Nations joined in and acknowledged the day. It was decided that on this day, a great awareness of the syndrome (which currently affects tens of millions of people globally) would be created.
The idea is to create such awareness, so that people are encouraged to diagnose autism suffers, and of course a strong emphasis is put on the early diagnosis in order to further enhance those that suffer and make sure that they get a better chance of succeeding in life, and taking an active role in society.

The second of April is set up to be able to highlight what is a growing problem globally and to help those that have already been diagnosed with autism to recognise just how special they are. One of the traits of suffers is that they are skilled in one particular area and have extremely high IQ levels. This is of course something that should be encouraged, and emphasised on. World Autism day helps suffers and those that are helping suffers to be able to encourage them to come out and attend social gatherings. Not to be ashamed of the condition, and to be able to recognise that there are so many others just like them. It also helps others that are not aware of the syndrome, to be aware and know what it wrong with people. Also you can view here www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/04/01/presidential-proclamation-world-autism-awareness-day-2013 Presidential Proclamation — World Autism Awareness Day, 2013.

You can help to participate with world Autism day, by arranging an event in your local community. Suffers of Autism are very often pushed aside, and misunderstood. No one takes time out to learn about the prognosis. If you or someone you know has autism, make sure that you do not forget to celebrate and embrace this on the 2nd of April, by participating in an Autism awareness event close by to you.