Raising Money in the UK for Autism

There are many ways you can change the outlook for Autism in the UK. Several sites throughout the counties and countries have great things going on. One is you could cycle to Amsterdam or you could change the color of your hair (If you work, make sure it’s accepted before you do it) or organise your own event. Each country and county has a monthly event, which you can partake in if you wish, get a group together and go to build your support.

In the past people have held dog events to bring in monies for Autism, they have hosted pie and cake tasting events with celebrities to bring Autism into today’s media. Parades with paid positions, such as a boy and his dog dressed up or a girl and her baby dolls in a wagon. Host a tea party with your club; youth group, your college or school involved. Others have held used book sales, clothing and furniture sales or have sold crafts to garner funds to support their local Autism Charities. It’s rather easy to implement fundraising events when you have the support of your local community, religious group or draw attention internationally. You can use social media as way to get interest for your event, using Twitter or Face book is a genuine way to go.

When you work outside the home, you have a better chance of gaining support for your cause or society. With pamphlets or brochures from the organisations you are able to put out candy bars and sell them to benefit the organisation. Whether you are looking to help a little or long term, you can come up with a million ideas on your own.

Trusting sites like The National Autism Society to bring you news of new events to help raise money for Autism awareness is also a great idea. If you live close enough to any of the borders with Ireland, Scotland or Wales, an opportunity to help out in their causes are a great resource for you, your friends and family.

Organisations have areas of special interest where parents have posted things about life, how their children react to stories, games, programmes and children’s shows like Thomas the Train. The National Autism Society commissioned Thomas the Train Zipper pulls to be sold in conjunction with their site as supporting kids with Autism.

What works for you child should be shared with everyone, when you come across a toy or a video or something that sparks interest in your child’s mind, it’s worth mentioning – you may see his or her favorite toy become a tool for other children with Autism. Thomas the Train is a huge part of The National Autism Society; they have Train walks, Christmas cards and so much more. Thanks to a research paper done on Thomas the Train, which shows that Children with Autism Spectrum disorders associate more closely with this show than any other children’s show out there, this is a promising note for Thomas Friends.