Autism Charities & Organisations in the UK

The National Autistic Society is one of several Organisations in the UK who offer support to Adults who are actively pursuing careers and professionalism. The society also hosts a place where developing adults can learn to communicate socially and interact with others. The society offers informational links about Autism, coping and living with Autism and tips for communication for parents. The site is designed to help everyone understand and learn together thus making living with an Autistic family member much more relaxed.

Different Worlds another popular organization created by parents and carers for parents with children who may have Asperger Syndrome or children who have Autistic Spectrum Disorders. This site offers an abundance of resources for parents in need of carers, tips, mutual support for the daily needs of the children as well as the parents, relatives and friends of the family. This group is fairly young, and was created in December 2013 for parents of children who specifically have Asperger Syndrome.

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities this organisation is working with families who have children who are Autistic and have learning disabilities. The organization has courses and workshops on supporting people autism, and offers many classes which are one on one with each person. This is a great organization for learning the tools to help your child be more productive in a social environment with many other children or people.

Autism Charities:

The National Autistic Society – The society is a charity and takes charitable donations in order to help provide the best type of services available for families who have loved ones with any of the Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Autism North Ireland – Conducts an online hotline available Monday, Wednesday and Friday available from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon; offering live support for families in Northern Ireland who have family members, friends and loved ones who have any of the Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Autism North Ireland is a charity and has an online shop to support their services. The Charity is funded by lottery and by donations.

The National Autistic Society of North Ireland is the sister site to The National Autistic Society of England. Offering the same type of information, classes and positive interactions for those who have Autism social and interaction problems; in conjunction with classes you may purchase online to help your loved one become better equipped for the future.

The National Autistic Society of Scotland – offers the same style of help available with NAS-NI and NAS-England. Their site promotes a better world with people with Autism and offers a campaign source to help with pioneering services. There are places to donate to this cause located on the front page. Autism is not indifference, it’s a different world.

The National Autistic Society of Wales – Contains another branch of the England based NAS, their site offers a list of resources, localised help and a string of events to learn more about Autism. You can donate on their home page, take classes to help promote new research and development of new ways to communicate with your loved one.